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A project of Ohr Halacha A project of Ohr Halacha Volume XXI Number 9 The Most Widely Circulated Sephardic Magazine in the World Sivan 5782 / June 2022 Words of Rabbi Eli J. Mansour Everybody Has Their Own Special and Unique Mission TOP SUMMER GETAWAYS A GOLDEN LESSON RABBI DAVID ASHEAR UNDEFEATED MDY WARRIORS CAPTURE 6TH GRADE YESHIVA LEAGUE TITLE Tefillin, Mezuzot, Shaatnez Checking, Halacha Questions, Berit Milah, Kosher, Publications, Classes, and More! TIPS FOR FAMILIES LIVING TOGETHER OVER THE SUMMER SERVING THE SEPHARDIC COMMUNITY WITH POWERFUL SERVICES A project of Ohr Halacha