Community Magazine May 2021

Words of Rabbi Eli J. Mansour Scaling the Mountain 14
Living Emunah 20
Ahi Ezer Yeshiva, Looking Ahead 22
Summer Camp: Is it a Privilege or a Right? 26
The Founding of Yeshiva Ateret Torah 32
Grassroots Covid Plasma Initiative Saves Lives 38
Remembering Rabbi Chaim Dahan, zt”l 40
Shavuot: Stop and Take Stock of All Your Gifts! 42
From The Files of The Bet Din 44
Mashiah Revealed – Part IX 46
Woman to Woman 52
Positive 54
Ask Jido 56
Propel - Reaching Success Through Skills Building 58
Home Is Where The Heart Is 60
The Standard American Diet is S.A.D. For More Than One Reason 62
Once Upon A Thyme 66
Creative Cooking with Chef Shiri 68
Mabrouk 70
Community Highlights 72
The Lighter Side 76