Community Magazine May 2021

If you don’t vote in the primary, you have essentially no influence onwhich leaders got elected. Most successful candidates don’t evenwin amajority in the primary, but still win the general election by hugemargins. Political races in New York are all but decided in the Democratic primary. Registering as a Democrat doesn’t restrict who you can vote for in the general election, it simply gives you a critical opportunity to help decide who represents the Democrats in the November election. Whatever your personal beliefs or political leanings, registering to vote as a Democrat is a smart, responsible and practical way to help our city. WILL BE YOUR FAULT UNLESS YOU VOTE IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY THE NEXT PRIMARY IS TUESDAY, JUNE 22 ND MARK YOUR CALENDAR TO VOTE FOR THE NEXT MAYOR , COMPTROLLER AND COUNCILMEMBER . IF YOUWANT YOUR VOICE HEARD YOU MUST VOTE ON JUNE 22ND! The next Democratic primary is June 22 nd To participate and help elect responsible leaders, register to vote as a Democrat. If you have a NYS driver’s license, register online at: If you don’t have a NYS license , request a voter regsitration formbemailed to you at: Your applicationmust be postmarked no later than May 28 th and received by a board of elections no later than June 2nd. You can be as young as 16 to register, but must be at least 18 to vote.